Your health and safety is our top priority

How Canton Heights Dental is addressing Coronavirus (Covid-19)

First, Canton Heights Dental is open to care for you and your family. There is nothing more important to our office than keeping our patients healthy and safe. Here at Canton Heights Dental, we have built our practice on kindness, compassion and on creating a joyful atmosphere.

We share your concerns about this current health crisis. Prevention is ALWAYS the best medicine. With that in mind we want to remind everyone that we have always and will continue to follow universal precautions in our office. These include but are not limited to the disinfection of hard surfaces including counters, handles, knobs, cabinets, floors, etc. we sterilize instruments, and we monitor our sterilizers for effectiveness. We use disposable items where we can not re-use via sterilization.

Any of you who have been in can see that our space is impeccable- our staff our dedicated to infection control now and always.

Nonetheless, it has been recommended due to the experience of worldwide healthcare systems that we also practice ‘social avoidance’ for those of us who are unexposed, and quarantine for those exposed. Still, there are many of you who are undergoing necessary care, and as health care providers it is our duty to remain open and available during times other businesses have the option of closing.

We will remain open during our normal hours, and expect that the next 2 weeks will tell the entire story of this disease.

Do not panic. Be smart.

Locally we are just now entering the exponential phase of the contagion. If we are careful during this phase the outbreak will pass at a much lower rate than in other places. That is the purpose of prevention.

With much love and respect,
Dr William Klausmeyer