Questions about dental services in Canton, GA?

We encourage you to contact Canton Heights Dental whenever you have a question about the dental procedures we provide in our Cherokee County office.
Please call our office during regular hours at 770.479.1444, or complete the form below.


Canton Heights Dental

327 Heights Place
Canton, GA 30114

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 770.479.1444

Appointments and cancellations


We know you have many choices when choosing a dentist in Canton, GA so we have made requesting an appointment with the form to the right or contact us at 770.479.1444.


If for any reason you cannot keep a reserved appointment, or will be delayed, please call 770.479.1444 48-hours before your appointment time or as soon as possible.

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Insurance and Billing

Canton Heights Dental accepts any PPO insurance plan, often as an in-network provider. Please call to verify that your PPO works with Canton Heights Dental before your initial visit.


We don’t currently accept any Dental Management Organization plans.
You are welcome to submit payments and co-payments using any major credit cards, personal check, or cash. Please see our front office staff for any payment questions.

Financing Options


CareCredit helps you pay for treatments and procedures your insurance doesn’t cover. CareCredit is an independent financial service offering no-interest* financing or low minimum monthly payment options. For more information or to apply online, visit www.carecredit.com.


Our practice also offers flexible payment plans from Springstone Patient Financing. Terms include:

  • No initial payment and no payment for 3-7 week
  • Affordable extended plans with low fixed rates and low monthly payments
  • 6-24 month promotional plans
  • No prepayment penalty


You can calculate potential monthly payment options or apply at www.springstoneplan.com. Credit decisions are typically available in seconds. For more information, please ask any member of our team.