Updating Regarding COVID19 and Closure

All of us who practice dentistry in Georgia have been told May 3 is an anticipated reopening date. Even then there will be screening for temperature, and a health questionnaire about exposure risk. Of course as you know this crazy situation changes rapidly, and this date of May 3 has been bumped twice now.

If you’re having an urgent care need, please call Holly 770.479.1444 ~ and she’ll get with me. We will try to resolve your needs as efficiently as possible, and if necessary come into the office.

Mostly what we are being told is to simply follow along with the sheltering in place and social distancing measures in a strong unified effort to help stop the spread and flatten the curve, if you like that term. Having said that – our professional responsibility takes on a bit of a different tilt during pandemic. We are to see people who might otherwise end up going to an emergency room.

Hospitals are in an effort to not cross contaminate the two types of patients — One type is those at the hospital infected with coronavirus, and those who are not. So we share that responsibility, and if you’re having that kind of emergency then definitely let us know.

Well that’s all for now, see you hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime be safe, be smart, be well, and hang in there. Unprecedented times.

Dr. Bill